Brjánslækur – Flatey

3.270 ISK

With the arrival of local cottage owners and tourists in the summer, however – the island’s community comes to life. All of the houses on the island have been restored to reflect Flatey’s colorful style from 100 years ago and there is plenty too see on the island: unique natural scenery, diverse birdlife, church walls decorated with the paintings of Baltasar Samper (the father of acclaimed Icelandic director Baltasar Kormákur), an old library and a charming village. If the mood strikes you, dine at Hotel Flatey; drink coffee and enjoy pastries and Bryggjubúðin (only 1st of June until 31st August) – or pack your own provisions and enjoy a nice picnic in the open air with the family.

If you are traveling with any young explorers who are hungry for adventure, inquire about our special treasure maps; legend has it that there’s a hidden treasure on Flatey.


Please notice! From 1st of September until the 31st of May there is no restaurant or ccfé open on Flatey Island. During this time it depends also on the weather condition if we are able to stopp at Flatey Island or not. Please check with us before.





1 hour

Difficulty: Very Easy

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Best price

Age: All

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Tour operator: Seatours Eimskip

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Brjánslækur Harbour