Volcano Adventure From Reykjavík

10.990 ISK

After thousands of earthquakes over the span of 3 weeks originating in the Reykjanes Peninsula, the lava finally found its way through earth crust on the evening of March 19th close to Fagradalsfjall, in a valley named Geldingadalir. The eruption is confined to this valley, which is surrounded by hills and higher ground, preventing the lava from flowing to nearby towns or cities.

Geldingadalir valley is not a remote valley by any measures. It is a mere 9 kilometres from the nearest village, Grindavík. This makes the eruption site very accessible to people that are willing to make the effort of the hike to witness this magnificent spectacle of nature. If anything should be on your bucket list, it is to experience a live volcano, where you will truly see new land forming. Streams of lava flow from the volcanic cone and into the valley, slowly but surely filling it up, you will see steam and gases rise from the growing lava field as well as the newly formed crater.





8 hours


Difficulty: Moderate

Best price

Age: Minimum age 14 years

No hidden costs

Tour operator: Arctic Adventures

What is included


-Mount Fagradalsfjall Active Volcano

-English speaking tour guide


-Transport to and from Reykjavík


Guided hike to the eruption site



Important information

Hiking boots and warm clothes

Weather forecast