5 star volcano eruption hike, volcano tunnel and Blue Lagoon bath included

35.000 ISK

What will you get?

  • You will experience historical event that only happens every 900 years or so, which makes you very special
  • You see the famous eruption with your own naked eye and will be able to post a picture of you with the eruption on social media
  • Travel in a small group that makes your experience more enjoyable and relaxing.
  • See old lava fields from eruption that happens over thousands of years ago and then witness the brand new ones
  • You get an experienced and fun guide which will make your day memorable and make sure you leave happy

Tour Description

When you think of Iceland, you imagine Polar Beers, Santa Clause, Penguins and Vikings that drank out of horns. Well, we sadly disappoint you. Iceland have Vikings though, and few that want to show you some volcanic and really heavy landscape.

On this Volcano eruption tour with Reykjanes Peninsula sightseeing included you will get to see what Iceland is all about. All the history it has to keep.

The first settler of Iceland used to own the whole peninsula and many historical things have happened there.

Just ask yourself this question, have you really been to Iceland if you haven´t been to the volcano eruption? This is NOT something you want to miss!

On this trip, your awesome local guide will pick you up from your accommodation or closest bus stop between 09:30 and 10:00.

First you will start with the sightseeing so you will have the best for last and get to see the old lava before you see the new lava.

First, you will drive from the Europe part of Iceland (geologically speaking) over to the North American continent. We know, it’s a bit confusing, but your guide will explain everything. There, you can walk between the two continents and also take pictures of yourself holding the bridge between the continents. It’s a popular photo spot.

Kirkjubasar cliffs are next. This place is absolutely magnificent. Seeing the cliffs located on the Mid-Atlantic ridge with waves braking at them and the small island outside of them is so calming but yet, surreal at the same time. Everything so volcanic and surrounded by lava fields.

Just next to Kirkjubásar cliffs are the geothermal hot springs named after the crazy woman that used to live there. Yes, she was crazy. Literally. Wait until you hear the story from your guide.

Next is what you have been waiting for. A hike to the volcano eruption. Make sure you have your phone or camera charged and to get a picture of you next to the eruption so all of your friends can see that YOU WERE THERE!

We recommend bringing good hiking shoes with you. If you do not own them, we will lend you for FREE! Yes, I said for free.





9 hours


Difficulty: Moderate

Best price

Age: Minimum age 6 years

No hidden costs

What is included

Pick up at your hotel, drop off at your hotel, guided tour,

Important information

Outdoor clothes and hiking shoes


The hike requires moderate physical level.

Bring proper outdoor clothes.

We will lend you for FREE if you do not have one.

5 star volcano eruption hike, volcano tunnel and Blue Lagoon bath included
  • Jun 2021 • Solo

    Best thing to do in Iceland. The tour was well organized and made this once in a lifetime event worthy

    Hesham A

  • May 2021 • Couples
    We booked a tour to hike the volcano in late May. James and Eignar are wonderful! We were locked up on time in the nearest keep and we’re whisked away. They’re expert guides - they even divided our tour into “fast” and “not so fast” groups so everyone could go at their own pace. James guided our smaller group expertly and made sure we saw the coolest parts. They’re a small and young company - please support small businesses! This tour was the highlight of our time in iceland - and not just because James helped my fiancé find the best spot to view the eruption as he proposed 🙂

    I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this to anyone of any age or ability - James and Eignar are tremendous and the tour they’ve put together is worth every single penny (or krona!)

    Kelsey K

  • The most amazing experience with a wonderful guide, Eignar! This is a once in a lifetime must. Our guide was wonferful and made sure everyone stayed together and was doing okay on the hike up. He provided poles for those uncertain of their footing. Spectacular view! We were able to get very close to the lava flows.
    Written June 6, 2021

    Rachel O

  • Jun 2021 • Friends
    James was such an amazing and patient guide, we took a night tour of the volcano which left at 6 pm. He gave us background information about the volcano, the area, and the eruptions. He was very attentive, checking in with the group throughout the 8-10 mile hike. When we reached the summit, James positioned our group on a hill, with an unobstructed view of the volcano. What a gift! We sat on the edge of the hill, and the eruptions came every 10 minutes. We were in awe! He took a quick poll...and it was unanimous, we all wanted to stay longer. So we stayed, and had an experience of a lifetime. Thank you James! He's the one in the pic!


  • This was an incredible experience!
    It is very physical, and included going up and down hey steep slopes on rocky or uneven paths.

    The guide was excellent at keeping track of people while also letting them adventure on their own a bit. He knew his stuff.

    It was an incredible experience!
    Justin S

  • Literally the best tour I have been on! No regrets, not that difficult of hike had the time you will be distracted by views if lava . Perfect tour
    Written June 5, 2021


  • Truly a once in a lifetime experience to get see an erupting volcano this close! The upper parts of the trail can be steep and windy. I would definitely recommend wearing pair of hiking boots if you have them. James was a fantastic guide and was very knowledgeable able the geography of the Reykjanes Peninsula. Would highly recommend!!
    Tudor J

  • May 2021 • Solo
    There were 7 of us in the group. Einar, our guide, drove us in a most comfortable van to the parking lot. After an uphill hike of about an hour, Einar took us first to the base of the still quite warm volcanic rock, then up to the viewing station of the valvano. Absolutely amazing to witness Mother Earth belching forth molten lava -;just like the pic shows. Einar gave us pertinent info we the valcano's recent history as well as history of Iceland's volcanic history.
    I highly recommend the experience. Thank you.

    MatrixInfinity MatrixInfinity

  • May 2021 • Friends
    The volcano tour was amazing and unforgettable. Our guide, James, was very interesting and reliable. He knew every observation point worth stopping at and even picked a more beautiful road to the volcano when we drove to it. As for the volcano part, I can't describe in words how stunning it is when you stand in front of the volcano. But you are definitely worth the trip and I highly recommend this tour, it made our volcano trip a much better experience.



  • May 2021 • Solo
    WOW!!!! Amazing, once in a lifetime opportunity. Do not miss this! The pictures and videos are making all my friends back home jealous, and it is just a mind blowing experience.

    Glaciers and Waterfalls Iceland is a small company, not some big, generic tour operator, and it shows. Service was very personalized and pleasant. James was a great guide with a lot of enthusiasm and great information to share. I would definitely go with this company and with James again.

    The hike is about 5 miles round-trip. We took one little detour to get right up close to the lava (totally worth it!), so it ended up being about 5.5 on my GPS hike tracker.

    One thing I would recommend is to make sure and bring water and possibly some snacks. James stopped at a gas station for us so that we could grab some snacks and drinks, but I would advise just bringing some with you. Also, dress warmly and bring a rain jacket! When you are at the top, trying to enjoy the show, you can’t just go back to the car to get your rain jacket. It was pretty nice and warm as we were hiking up, but when we got to the top, it started snowing and hailing. I had a good rain jacket, but my gloves were not great, and my hands got cold.

    Totally worth it and then some. If the volcano is still erupting during your trip to Iceland, absolutely do not miss this!

    David W

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